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apush textbook pdf

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Note: lf you don't see the "Encrypt" option, use the Show Details button to expand the window

Set default bookmark zoom level CHANGE THE PAGE NUMBER WHILE ADJUSTING THE ZOOM LEVEL OF MULTIPLE BOOKMARKS When you adjust the zoom level of multiple bookmarks, the destination page number for the selected bookmarks is retained by defaultOption to retain the destination page number when you adjust bookmarks zoom level Bookmark > Properties > Actions > Go To A Page In This Document > Edit To change the destination page number of the bookmarks, do the following: Select two or more bookmarks that you want to change the zoom level

apush textbook pdf

Right-click the bookmark and then choose PropertiesIn the Bookmark Properties dialog, click ActionsChoose Go To A Page In This Document and then click Edit

apush textbook pdf

Uncheck the option Keep Page Number UnchangedDelete a bookmark In the Bookmarks panel, select a bookmark or range of bookmarks, and then press Delete

apush textbook pdf

Note: Deleting a bookmark deletes any bookmarks that are subordinate to it

Deleting a bookmark does not delete any document textMake Select Tool Select Images Before Text: Changes the order in which the Select tool selects

Show Quick actions on text selection: Display a quick action toolbar on text or image selectionShow Online Storage When Opening Files: Display the cloud storage in the file open dialog box

Show Online Storage When Saving Files: Display the cloud storage while saving the fileOpen PDFs from last session on Acrobat launch: Reopen PDFs from the last session on launching Acrobat

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