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shoulder special tests pdf

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Portable refers to the ability of the PDF to include all design assets in one file, including source images or links as well as preserving fonts and their placementOther file formats rely on the computer’s file system that they were created in to pull these design elements together

shoulder special tests pdf

For example, if you send someone an Adobe InDesign INDB file without packaging it, any linked images and fonts will be lost if the printer you send it to does not have possession of those elementsYour computer knows where to grab image links, fonts, and other information but your printer’s computer does not, which is why it’s important to compress all information needed into a PDF file for printing3

shoulder special tests pdf

PDFs Are the Perfect Size Other file formats tend to be large and can create issues when sharing them with your printer including native files like Adobe InDesign’s INDB or Adobe Photoshop’s PSD formatsThese files are considered native files because they were created in a specific program and contain specific features or layers only available in that program

shoulder special tests pdf

These native files are much larger than PDFs because they contain data that only the program they were created in use

For example, a Photoshop PSD file contains data for every layer that makes up an imageClick the View menu and select Thumbnails

[3] Click the last thumbnail to select itThis tells Preview to add the next PDF to the end of the current document

Click the Edit menu and select Insert > Page from FileSelect the next PDF in the range and click Open

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