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freestar You only need a mobile or computer web browser, internet connection, and the image you want to convertConverting pictures to PDF using online tools involves a three-step procedure: Visit the website of the online image-to-PDF converter in your browser


Upload the image file you want to convert to PDFSelect the Convert or Save or Convert to PDF button—depending on the tool you’re usingDownload the converted PDF file to your computer or smartphone


You may also find options to share files to save the PDF file to cloud storage accounts“PDF” Your Images and Pictures Converting a single image file to a PDF file is straightforward


Combining several images into a single PDF file is a different ballgame, but it’s also easy

For step-by-step instructions, refer to our tutorial on converting multiple images into PDF filesSet Adobe as the Default PDF Opener You can follow the above same method to choose Adobe Acrobat Reader DC as the default PDF opening program

Other Methods to Open PDF Files Besides the above methods to open PDF files, there are still many other solutions to open PDF documents on Windows1

Open PDF in Chrome You can also open documents in Chrome, as well as other browsersClick here to find out how to open PDF in browsers

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