Excellence is achieved by the mastery of the fundamentals.
Vince Lombardi

Center For Advantage offers three card decks tailored for making better decisions faster. These products detail the fundamental principles behind:

1. Innovations
2. Sales
3. Competitive Strategy

The card decks provide an instrument for making better decisions faster in much the same way that a piano provides an instrument for a composer to create music. The notes (core principles) stay the same but offer limitless  combinations. Musicians do not have to reinvent musical scales every time they compose. You should not have to reinvent the core principles of sales, innovation, or competitive strategy every time you face a challenge.

Spend less time recalling what you know and at the risk of being too late and incomplete. Apply sound ideas faster, condident you have not overlooked better approaches.

Card Decks
Innovation Planner Cards

The Sales Strategy Fundamentals

Art of War Sun Tzu Strategy Card Deck
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