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A Curious Gap Filled

Nothing happens in business until someone sells something, and more than eighty percent of the business value of most enterprises resides in its intellectual property. Curiously, however, few MBA programs offer courses dedicated to sales or intellectual property. Center For Advantage founder Robert Cantrell addresses this gap with two books, Outpacing the Competition: Patent-Based Business Strategy, published by Wiley, and Sharp Arrow: New Business Sales, published under the Center For Advantage brand.

Outpacing the Competition
includes among its peer reviewers Marshall Phelps, perhaps the preeminent authority on how innovators create value from intellectual property. Marshall Phelps headed the intellectual property departments of IBM and then Microsoft. The book focuses on integrating patents into the overall business model so they become a bonus to the strength of the position, not a crutch to protect business model weaknesses.

Sharp Arrow: New Business Sales
includes among its peer reviewers former trainers from the vaunted IBM Sales School. Sharp Arrow focuses on the most difficult challenge for most salespeople and businesses: starting new sales engagements. Robert Cantrell has also spent more than twenty-five years of his business career selling new business.  

The two books examine how to earn new business and leverage intellectual property at graduate school levels.

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